May 26th pictures

1. Lady beetle on day lily leaf

And now for a brief tour through the food garden.

2. Alright, I’m not going to eat this. But it’s in the same garden. I’m pretty sure this is one of my lunaria seedlings. Hurrah! The first bunch I sowed didn’t germinate. So I put a bunch more in the ground again, in the same spot. I think the problem before was that I let it get just a little too dry.

3. The progress of the big strawberry: what a feast day it will be when I can pick it.

4. Nasturtium: the second pair of leaves is emerging! I wonder if this is considered the true pair. The first pair looked pretty “true” to me, just like the other leaves look. We’ll see.

5. The peas are growing little tendrils.

6. Little clematis bud about to open.

7. Rose with little wasp edit: syrphid fly. I mean, I think that’s a fly anyway.

8. Pretty sedum in its carpeting habit.

9. Some of the hosta are already about to bloom.

10. I love this glaucousness (the waxy grayish tone) on the hosta leaves.

11. Rainwater pooled on hosta leaf. We had a very stormy morning here. Sky was totally black around 10, forked lightning, random downpours, the works.

12. Little wasp syrphid fly on chive flower. (Fly-related edit #2. Many apologies for the sloppiness.)

13. Chive flower in all its glory

14. I think this is the gray hairstreak butterfly.

15. Another view of the butterfly

16. Ain’t he or she pretty?

17. Poppy flower bud. I think the little spiny scales at its base are especially neat.

18. Another view of the poppy flower bud

19. The lichen on the north side of the crab apple tree has really gone to town.

20. Another view of the lichen-covered bark. Spot the caterpillar if you can.

21. A lot of the foliage on the crab apple this year isn’t looking too hot. I’m not sure if it stems from those frosts we had a month or two back, feeding from the tent caterpillars, or something else. This one isn’t too bad, but it seems like there’s nary a leaf on the tree that’s unaffected.

22. Here is a view of the caterpillar…the dreaded tent caterpillar.

23. Another view of the caterpillar.


13 thoughts on “May 26th pictures

  1. very nice . . . especially the caterpillar and the wasp on the chive. If the wind ever lets up here, I’ll be able to follow suit (except for the caterpillar)

  2. I love your turn of phrase–“nary a leaf.” The captions are as good as the pictures. Nice butterfly–it’s hard to get the depth of field right on those little things.

    • Thank you! Yes, they are difficult to capture. Hard enough just to get them to stick around and get a good look at them, much less get an okay-looking picture. This one was a little weird. I approached it very cautiously and from a ways off, but eventually I was able to get right up next to it. It only took off when I tried to steady the plant with my hand and I got a little too close, I guess.

  3. You will never need to work for anyone ever – you are a PHOTOGRAPHER! These are the most beautiful photographs ever. And they look like wasps to me 😉

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