May 29th pictures

Some phone pics today.

1. The grassy strips between the fields at the farm are a-glow right now with these pretty blue flowers. I think this is flax.

2. A better look at the flax flower, which I had to hold still against the ever-present wind.

3. There’s also a few random clumps of dianthus mixed up in the flax — altogether, they’re far more colorful and delicate than most anything you’d expect to see in these buffer zones. I’m not sure how they ended up in there. Personal garden escapees?

4. Some more super-bright dianthus.

6. The view looking west, towards a few rows that have yet to be planted (once the plastic mulch gets fixed) and beyond that, gazillions of acres of corn. You can see a little bit of the havoc the wind and rain have played on the clear plastic row at the bottom of the picture; it’s flattened in a few places, and plastered down by sandy, crusted-over soil. The plants on the edge of the plastic (I forget what’s planted there) are getting cooked a little, so I suppose we’ll fix that soon. It was a little tough to work down there today, with the wind and muddy soil.

7. Just three of the many cats on the farm. I love the way the two little kittens seem to be attached at the hip in the one picture. I think the smaller one is another cat’s kitten — they mentioned that one of the mother cats disappeared, so this mama is nursing a few cats besides her own.


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