May 30th pictures

1. Strawberries!

2. Today I was planting cucumbers from seed for a while. These seeds have not been treated with anything — they’re just very cold. (Note: the preceding was a lie.)


3. I’ve been noticing this super cool weed growing in the greenhouses and along the road in one or two places. I think it is Balkan catchfly.




5. I snapped a too-quick pic of one of the cats lounging in the barn window this morning.


6. Here’s a little watermelon chilling in its plastic chamber of splendor. Of course, I’m sure it is actually quite warm in there. Lucky for him, as today it was only in the upper 50s/lower 60s.


7. Today we planted peppers.

8. OH, ALSO. ALSO. I picked my mutant ‘Fort Laramie’ mutant strawberry today. It was delicious. (I should have picked it yesterday but boy was it sweet, which I liked.) May there be as many as four or five more strawberries this, the plant’s first season.


8 thoughts on “May 30th pictures

  1. The Balkan catchfly (if that’s it is) are lovely! I love your barn – especially with the cat – but that barn has to look awesome at sunrise/sunset!

    • These are from the farm where I work, but I was just thinking today what amazing sunsets they must get with a totally unobstructed, flattish view of the western sky. I wish I could just walk around there taking pictures all day; their old barn is especially cool. Weathered wood, lichen, cats milling about…

      • Oh! Well, I guess they might not be so happy if you were to stop and take photos all day while you were supposed to be working, huh? 😉 Though, depending on the kind of farm that it is, maybe they could use some photos? For their website perhaps? 😀

  2. “We planted peppers?” Are these your fields? I only have 6 pepper plants in my yard…but they’re flowering! Strawberries don’t do very well in my clay soil. We go pick them at a farm nearby…they’ve optimized a sandy home for those beauties. This weekend, we go pick blueberries. My bushes are no longer producing, so I’ve got to go get some for the freezer!

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