May 31st pictures

I probably make it down to the woods every week, week and a half now. The early to mid-spring flowers are done, and there are some neat things growing along the riverbank, but the woods proper seem to become more homogeneous as summer sets in. Three or four plants really seem to dominate, and they’re not especially interesting. I am making that judgment. I’m sorry, wood nettle. And bedstraw, choking everything out.

But I am continually impressed by how much fuller and greener the woods have become every time I go down there nowadays. It’s that much more tranquil and closed off-feeling. The mosquitoes like it too. I put on some Deet before I went down there, but that didn’t stop them from going after my eyes. They didn’t get me too bad, though.

I’ll have to get pictures of the river over the next few days. It’s very high and the water is flowing quite fast. The drought is most definitely over here.

1. Hello little mosslings. It’s been a while since I took a picture of sporophytes, something I am contractually obligated to do every so often.

2. All the contrast in the woods on sunny days are the bane of my (photo-taking) existence, but I kind of liked the window of light in the otherwise darkish ravine.

3. More sunlight in shadow.


5. I like old and/or diseased leaves.

6. I’m guessing these are the fruits of sweet Cicely.

7. I think these are Philadelphia fleabanes in decline.

8. OK, well that answer that mystery. Since this winter, I’ve been wondering what these structures were — I’d find pieces of them around the woods, but couldn’t figure out what they were. They’re cottonwood seedpods. I suppose it should have been obvious what with the bits of fluff, but when I’ve found them before, the fluff has become dense and matted-down, and just looks quite different.

9. Then I found this cool rock in the dry streambed.

10. Fun with fossils.

11. Weird pattern on tree.

12. Caught one of a pair of moths in repose.

13. Neat fungal growth on end of log.


15. The clematis is in bloom.

16. Clematis.


13 thoughts on “May 31st pictures

  1. How nice to see photos from the woods again. 🙂 Much has changed since the last time you took us there. Lots of wonderful shots. Looking forward to see the river too. 🙂

  2. Beautiful shots, Sarah – the sunlight and shadow is lovely. “Philadelphia fleabanes in decline” has to be the phrase of the month or something. It conjures up very strange images….and where else would you ever encounter that but at sarahtakespictures??

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