June 1st – 3rd pictures

June 1st pictures, from around the yard.

1. The coral bell in my shade garden is in bloom.

2. One rose still in its full glory suns itself next to a neighbor that reminds it of the cruel passage of time.

3. Sedum envelop a bird’s nest in one of the front gardens.

4. The zinnias are up to a few pairs of leaves.

5. I sowed a second batch of carrots a couple of weeks ago and they are already beating the hell out of the first batch. Do you like the perfectly straight line these seeds were sown in? I know I do.

6. Nasturtium leaves, just being pretty.

7. Pulled up one of my onions to see what it looks like.

8. I like the shadows cast on the shop by the elm tree. However, I am not a big fan of the shadows cast on the garden by the elm tree. I am not totally against its removal, truth be told. We only have so many sunny spots in the yard, after all. In this picture, you can see a row of kohlrabi and Brussels sprouts (they’ve been there a little over a month, I guess), as well as the three rows of onions which I sowed a couple of weeks ago and was going to harvest for green onions.

On the 2nd I was in St. Paul to visit my friend, and we saw a neighborhood art festival. There were many artists, artisans, crafters, and whatnot, plus food to beat the band, and a book sale, and also a petting zoo.

9. Some of the animals at the petting zoo — from the left, clockwise, are Patagonian cavies, a dead-eyed goat, a donkey, and a Brahman cow.

10. Some very pretty yarrow by the library in St. Anthony Park, where the festival was held.

Today we went to Grand Old Day in St. Paul, a festival that celebrates summer and just as importantly –maybe more so — commerce. It stretches the length of that most happening of avenues, Grand Avenue. We browsed some of the wares from the bookstores and boutiques along the street, but mostly people-watched and took in the varied sights, sounds, and scents of the festival. Let me briefly paint a picture of these auditory and olfactory stimuli: walking the length of the festival is akin to wandering through a fog made of cheese curds. (Secondarily, smoky meat and cookies and donuts. Good times indeed for a nose.) The music was no less varied. Mopey teens playing angst-ridden music competed for the title of Head Mopester* in a Battle of the Bands. (*Probably not the actual title.) On another stage, a cover band played “Darling Nikki” in all its uncensored glory. (This is the song, if you recall, that inspired Tipper Gore to champion the use of explicit lyrics labels on albums.) Meanwhile a Disney booth blared some mindless pop at approximately 65,000 decibels, in blatant disregard, as Krista pointed out, to the basal ganglia cells of the kids hula hooping in front of the speakers. Lots to take in. It was fun.

11. So unfortunately there is some crowd in the way of this picture, but that will demonstrate to you that this kid was a popular act. He was dancing to “Thriller.”

12. Not to be outdone by the scores of dogs present at Grand Old Day (whose owners, I guess, ignored or were unaware of a polite request from the festival organizers to leave their pets at home), this woman brought along her own little four-legged friend. That’s a little pig, if you can’t tell.

13. I liked this mural.

14. Beautiful prairie smoke at a rain garden we passed

15. Another poppy mural

16. So here is a kids’ fun slide depicting a tornado about to destroy a barn. Oh, to be a designer of fun slides.

17. We ate delicious, fresh mini donuts, anointed in fat and sugar, just the way I like it.

18. Some roses on the Macalaster campus which borders Grand Ave

19. A decidedly frivolous-themed art car

20. Swirls on a second art car

21. On the most craptastic of all art cars was this fine juxtaposition of marbles and Lady Liberty. And when I say craptastic, I simply mean that it was decorated with the most stuff — crap, if you will — of all the cars. Even the inside was festooned.

22. See, craptastic.

23. Some brightly-colored youth chat up an officer on horseback.


6 thoughts on “June 1st – 3rd pictures

  1. Craptastic. That’s a new word! I’ll have to find 10 ways to use it today. We have our share of art cars in the Houston area. I took some photos a couple of weeks ago of one (it was REALLY craptastic). I’ll email you the link.

    Great pictures as usual, Sarah. I loved the tornado slide. My kids (especially my budding meteorolgist) would have been all over that one.

  2. A great read. I had to work at imagining what was obviously a deformed octopus as a tornado.

    Really liked the prairie smoke, and of course the slice of Americana was much appreciated.

  3. I like the mural-photo (15) – but the winner for me this time is the wonderful flower-photo (10): The light colors and structure of the flowers is great!

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