June 4th pictures

1. I haven’t been able to resist the lure of the roses just yet.

2. The big poppy bloomed today.

3. Here is a little context for the big poppy. I cleaned up that bird bath today by the way, and damn, those birds are messy.

4. Looking north at the same thing. Note the sad little iris foliage (the green and white striped stuff) in the front. They never did bloom.

5. I do love the poppies.

6. Poppy stamens

7. Unopened poppy bud in silhouette


9. I love this grass growing by the roadside.

10. More of the same grass in the above picture

11. The mini rose is growing new foliage.

12. What is this, autumn?

13. Flower buds on the one of the hostas

14. Kind of a belated Memorial Day picture — or Early Flag Day? The teapot is sprouting a flag.


12 thoughts on “June 4th pictures

  1. Beautiful shot of the poppy and birdbath.

    . . . and, if you have blackbirds around, and if they are nesting, they are likely using the birdbath to dump their . . . ahem . . . crap sacs. I found that out from watching blackbirds carry the stuff to my birdbath, and dumping them in there. I’m cleaning mine out at least once a day, and sometime twice.

    Apparently this is an attempt on their part to mask the location of the nest. Rather than dumping the fecal sacs where a predator might find it from the smell, they dump it in water . . . of course, they immediately drink from it, so, you know, kind of disgusting.

    • I was wondering about that. Normally the water isn’t so murky — I’ll have to watch the traffic there and report back my findings. My gross, gross findings.

  2. So nice to see the farm without all that ice and snow from a while back. What a beautiful space. Thanks for sharing these – I can’t commute from a farm, but I feel a little like I go home to one when I view these photographs 🙂

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