June 7th pictures

Things are looking awfully summery these days.

1. The Asiatic lily bloomed today. Check out these stamens.

2. The echinaceas are well on their way to Bloomtown, USA.

3. We’ve got massively early raspberries. I guess daddy long legs just love them too because I always see like a half dozen of them every time I go out to look at the berries.

4. A ripe raspberry in the forefront and some of his buds in various stages of ripeness.

5. I’m not sure what this it was growing back by the raspberries. It is nifty.

6. The Chinese lantern is blooming. The flowers are cute and all but not overly exciting. They are largely hidden. Of course the real attraction is the lanterns later on in the late summer.

7. Some little weed by the side of the house. I like it.

8. Oh, and here are all the ripe raspberries I could find, or felt like finding given the mosquito levels back where they grow.

9. Here is some kohlrabi in the making. It is like the star of its own glitzy revue with a chorus line of onions behind it.

10. Broccoli leaf glowing like a glowing thing.

11. Columbine seed pod, now with webby stuff attached.

12. Clematis

13. Clematis

14. Still more clematis

15. One last columbine seedpod


7 thoughts on “June 7th pictures

  1. Ooo! Cover your eyes, kiddos. Sarah’s posted some flower porn. Nice stamen shots! #1 and #13 (especially #13). Wait…did you get close to an arachnid?

    • I did get close to an arachnid — are you impressed? 🙂 Daddy long legs don’t bother me too much. They’re so wispy, almost cartoonlike. When they start getting fat, hairy legs too, that’s when I lose it. And there will be lots, lots more flower porn in the weeks to come. Like Justice Potter Stewart, you’ll know it when you see it.

    • Wow, surprises me too that we have raspberries before our southern neighbors. They are black raspberries and I’m not sure quite how early they are…maybe a month, or 3-4 weeks? Our winter was incredibly mild, so everything is very ahead of schedule!

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