June 10th and 11th pictures

1. Milkweed in the front yard

2. Echinacea

3. Globe allium about to bloom

4. I ought to know what this is, I suppose. Its flowers are very small and have five little white petals. It edges the ditch down by the roadside.

Then I decided it was time to indulge my fascination for pictures of grass on the roadside.








12. Thistle

13. Crown vetch

14. Something — or someONE — clearly likes this Solomon’s seal.



Now I’m going to skip backwards through time, because I can do that. Here are some pictures from yesterday detailing the progress in the old produce patch.

17. Some of the stuff from my mesclun has emerged. By gum, it only took three or four days.

18. Here’s one of the broccolis, one month in.

19. One of the strawberries, chugging along.

20. My poor flimsy beets.

21. My peas have decided that, rather than growing in a straightforward fashion up the teepee, they will first reach out and touch somebody’s hand. As well as the tendrils of adjacent plants.

22. Some of my most codependent basil

24. One of the last garlics to sprout. I now know that I was supposed to have planted it in the fall, but whatever.


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