June 12th

1. Tonight’s sunset

2. Tonight’s sunset, a slightly different view

3. Uh…why is there a flower on the crab apple tree? Is it overly pessimistic to think that this is a death knell?

4. On that token, I wonder if it’s normal to keep producing new leaves long after you’ve leafed out. Like this one. Quick, someone find me a plant physiologist. Or a phenologist. Are phenologists a thing?

5. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the phone, Mabel. Is this the love-in-the-mist I sowed about a month and a half ago, finally gracing us with its presence on the western side of the crab apple tree? This calls for a celebration. I’d long since given up hope on it.


2 thoughts on “June 12th

    • My attempts to learn the origin of this “Mabel” via some quick but thorough googling came up empty. While many of us invoke Mabel, we take for granted her very existence. I posit that “Mabel” is a mass hallucination we are all suffering, a vague shadow of a phone-toting biddy circa 1936.

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