June 13th picture: a bike ride that sucked beyond all reckoning, a wee cat, and the stuff around the yard

Oy vey. That was a bike ride for the ages. It all began when I saw a flower that I wanted to take a picture of. This never happens to me, you know, but I thought, hey, why not. Do something unexpected. Unfortunately the plant — two of them, actually — were growing by the side of a busy highway. But the plant really struck me even at 65mph because of its light blue color. I thought it might be chicory, which I’ve never noticed around here before. I decided to return to the flowers some afternoon on bike and take their picture.

Today was that day. Unfortunately, like every other day in Minnesota since the beginning of time, it was terribly windy. Fortunately, the way there was a breeze — cross one highway, down a few dirt roads, to the little town bordered by the highway, which I carefully crossed and where I quickly located my prize. Unfortunately, the first thing I saw when I turned on my camera was that herald of doom, “No memory card.” Fortunately, I had my phone with me. Unfortunately, I can’t really focus my phone very well, especially when it is windy, as it was today, just like every other day in Minnesota since the beginning of time.

So I decided to just take a shoot with the prettiest flower with me, and take better pictures of it at home. Unfortunately, the way back home was a lot worse because I was biking directly into the wind most of the time and up slight inclines that I wasn’t expecting because I had not effortlessly coasted on the way in. Also the wind would catch the loose ends of my helmet’s straps and hit me below the ears with them at a rate of about 500 smacks a second. THIS IS WHAT YOU GET FOR PRACTICING SAFETY, I imagined the wind cackling, hitting me with the strap on the other side of my face too for good measure. By the time I finally got home, the flowers petals were bruised and refused to perk back up in a glass of water, and so I didn’t take a picture after all.


Picture x. You were not worth the 12.68 mile round trip.

After that I was just forced to take pictures in the front yard, like I usually am. I’m pretty drawn to the hostas these days, though, so that was alright.



3. Sad backstory: I had just snapped this coneflower in half. Whoooops. Well, it deserved to be commemorated.

4. You can’t have too many roses, I guess. I’ll probably keep the pictures coming for a while because there’s still a bunch of buds.

5. Here’s a pretty little hosta flower.

6. Another hosta on its way to blooming.

I did take a picture at the farm today, though.

7. All at once: AWWWWWWWW. This little tyke followed me around the greenhouse for most of the day, nuzzling inanimate things and knocking over the tags I was trying to organize. What a scamp. Then she fell asleep in the shelf that catches excess potting soil.


10 thoughts on “June 13th picture: a bike ride that sucked beyond all reckoning, a wee cat, and the stuff around the yard

  1. sometimes the fruits of our labor are not so sweet … but hey, at least you persevered,and got at least one shot, right?

    and the blue is pretty, and unusual, and one of those hard-to-describe shades of blue. Rather nice, really.

    • That is very true. I’m happy to have one instead of none! And I do love that shade of blue. I can’t think of too many flowers that have that shade of blue — a true blue, for that matter.

  2. The commentary was worth reading–I laughed out loud. Been there. I love your delicate color in the hosta flower shot–composition, too. Wonderful.

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  4. Ugh. That happened to me after a three-day drive to Michigan!! I pulled out my camera to take the first scenic shot…NO CARD. My husband will never let me live that one down. Thank goodness for (and I thought I would never say it) Wal-mart. They had the right memory for only $20. At least I’d brought my charger (my batteries always run down too).

    LOVE the hosta shots…but the really close up one, that’s very artistic.

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