June 14th picture: Huzzah

Hey, guess what. Now you can consider some of the complaining in yesterday’s entry null and void. Some — not all. Never all.

You may recall that I complained, among many other things, about the wind. Because it is windy every day in Minnesota. You’d think that would accustom a person to it, but sometimes it just doesn’t work that way. As today is another day in Minnesota, it is, consequently, windy. Even windier than yesterday!

But that’s not the point. Today I came out to the kitchen and saw that a new flower on the little shoot of the wildflower I plucked from alongside the highway yesterday had bloomed. I wasn’t expecting that because I thought all the rest of the flowers were spent, and I didn’t look terribly carefully at the shoot to see if there were any unopened buds.

So anyway, that is chicory. MN Wildflowers says of its status: “Invasive – ERADICATE!” Uh oh.


10 thoughts on “June 14th picture: Huzzah

  1. I see Chicory along the roadsides here in the Northwest too. I guess it is pretty pervasive if it’s all across the country! I’ve also admired them from the car and on walks, but I never looked into what it was called, so thanks for sharing that! I feel smarter already. 🙂

    • No problem! Glad to pass a little tidbit along here and there. I had seen it in different places too and thought it was just wonderful, but had no idea what it was. At the same time I knew in passing of chicory and how it’s been cultivated for different uses and used as a substitute for coffee, but had no idea what that looked like. So it was kind of neat to make that connection.

  2. Nice shot – of a beautiful flower. It’s a common plant in Denmark. We have been growing chicory in Denmark earlier for use as an additive and substitute for coffee (for example, during World War 2). And it has also been used as a medicinal plant – against skin diseases!

    • Thank you! I understand it’s native to Europe and has become naturalized here in the States…sometimes a little too successfully, at least here in Minnesota, although I personally have not noticed a lot of it. Interesting lot of things chicory has been used for! Wikipedia also just reminded me that it’s in the same genus as endives (chicory is also called an endive, I guess, but it’s not a “true” endive).

  3. Try looking up loostrife–that’s the invasive stuff that beautifies Illinois. Very pretty, and an enemy. I probably spelled it wrong. I love the color of chicory. Always loved it, never knew what it was. Thanks!

    • Do you know which kind it is? I think purple loosestrife is considered an invasive in Minnesota, too. It is nice-looking, though. Glad I could be of some service with the chicory ID!

  4. Nah, that’s a fake flower! Nothing living looks THAT beautiful and perfect! LOL Chicory? You mean the stuff that the Cajun’s make coffee out of?

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