Oh hi, apocalypse sky

What weird weather today. Stormy all over the state, but nothing much here. It threatened to unleash something nasty all day, I thought, from my decidedly unscientific, unmeteorological perspective. Evidence: it was humid, and also I could feel it in my bones. Aside from a few rumblings of thunder and some sporadic, hard rain that didn’t last more than maybe a minute or so at a stretch, we saw nothing.

But then we got one of these weird sunsets which only seem to accompany severe weather, at least in my memory. I was sitting here, minding my own business, when I couldn’t help but notice that the living room was glowing eerily like the end of days. Of course I wanted some pictures. I got some, went back and inside, and was minding my own business once again when a bit later I felt lured to go back and take a few more. One more cycle of this and it was over; the sun, setting quite briskly, was the last voice in my hemming and hawing about whether to go out and take more pictures of the sunset. These pictures don’t adequately capture it at all, but I suppose they usually don’t.

1. It began all golden-colored. But everything but the sky was strangely reddish-hued, and the grass was really bright. Or was I just trippin? No! No, I was not.

2. One last — or so I thought — glimpse of the front lawn and the little shade garden from the porch. “So long, sunset,” I thought. “Don’t become more magnificent now, when I will have gone inside and settled myself cozily down on the couch again.”

3. But it just kept changing. Little clouds close to the horizon started moving swifltly into the picture.

4. That is a road going out to meet destiny, my friends.

5. Power lines: “Us too! We want in.” The sky was such a strange orangey-pink then.

6. Those three lonesome poles off in the distance.


17 thoughts on “Oh hi, apocalypse sky

  1. *gasp* I see why you were skedaddled! That is some seriously glowing storm clouds. Nice representative colors; your camera (oh, we must get more into that another time!) does justice to them.

  2. These might be my favorites of all time … I’ve always loved everything green, but ORANGE? Oh my. I’m practically swooning. #4 has filled up my heart, all the way.

    • It’s like your gravatar transmogrified* into sky! (*Hey, I actually got the spelling of that right the first time! I wasn’t even totally sure that was a word or the one I was looking for.) Thank you so much!

    • Thanks, me too! We got pretty lucky in our area — lots of hail and flood warnings around the state, but no tornadoes as far as I heard.

  3. Ooooh – that evening light again – helping you creating magic photos….. – No 4 of the road going to……. is my favorite 🙂

    • Thank you! I like that one too. I like taking pictures of that curve in the road in general, matter of fact, but I was lucky to get that incredible backdrop!

  4. These are incredible shots, Sarah. #4 and #1 – goodness gracious. I’m assuming you did no post-process work and it just that amazingly orange and other-worldly. Wow – right there in the heartland!

    • Thank you, Lois! Yes, most of these are straight out of the camera — the first shot and I can’t remember which others I just increased the contrast slightly in my dinky photo editing program, but I swear the colors were even more surreal and neat in reality.

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