June 16th pictures: summerrrrr

Today my neighbor was kind enough to offer me some extra perennials that were taking up a little too much real estate in her garden. She called them false sunflower — I think that’s the same as heliopsis, but I’m not sure. It’s not the best time to be transplanting things and these puppies were in full bloom, but we’ll see what happens. I thought I’d best cut the flowers off the plants as they’re trying to establish, but I got some pretty cut flowers out of the deal in the meantime.

1. I added some flowers from our backyard garden’s mystery plant — — it’s something in the mint family, anyway. This shot was taken from below the deck rail.

2. Another view of the flowers along with the telephone insulators that my mom collects.

3. Today I was surprised to learn that the Chinese lanterns are already well on their way! Normally these don’t appear until the end of the summer. They will be orange by the time the fruit is ripe.

4. I’m phoning it in a little (okay, a lot) with the supports for batch two of the golden peas. We’ll see if the peas actually reach them, because the little plants are already reaching in the opposite direction of the sticks.

5. I did a lot of work in the garden today. I created a new one, for one thing. If you’re thinking it looks vaguely grave-like, you’re right. It does. This garden will have sweet corn and onions which will whisper oh so sweetly with their leaves. That will have to suffice to stifle the secrets of the grave. Uh, I mean garden.

6. My stars.

7. Blurry peas lighting up in the late afternoon sunlight.

8. Now I’m cheating by including some pictures from yesterday. I took this at the farm. Parts of the farmer’s garden are overrun with boxelder bugs. I believe these are in their nymph stage. This picture was taken with my phone, which I didn’t realize must have been a little dirty at the time; it really fuzzied the thing up. Oh well.

9. Bonus mystery shot: can you guess what this is a picture of?


8 thoughts on “June 16th pictures: summerrrrr

  1. great shots Sarah, the first I really love of the SUN…we want the sun toooooooo! and I have absolutely no clue what your mystery shot is…small detail of a tree or something? beats me… πŸ˜€

  2. Concrete or stucco something-or-rather. Looks like you’re well into gardening by now! I just ripped up the pumpkin vine. I’ve already taken more than 100 fruit from it, and It was quite simply taking over. At least I didn’t plant it.

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