June 17th pictures: a mosquito-laden day in the garden

1. The heliopsis (or whatever it is) from my neighbor looks really lovely against the blue of the house.

2. An alternate shot of the heliopsis.

Got a bit done in the garden today. Cucumbers (gifts for Dad for Father’s Day) planted and pumpkin seeds sown in mounds alongside the fence; some colorful coleus planted in the new garden just outside of the basement. Today was all about pretty leaves, I guess: my anxiety over the flux in the heliopsis leaves as they flagged and perked back up throughout the day. (A long-forgotten voice from a plant physiology lecture screams something about turgor but I tell it to just shut up.) The multicolored spectacle of the coleus. I admired the beet and broccoli leaves, which I find quite lovely; then I killed a little inch worm thing that was eating the broccoli. I’M A MONSTER.

3. Here’s the planting I did in one of the new little gardens. The inner row of circles are just spaces I cleared for some seeds to germinate. The outside row is coleus interspersed with ajuga. I’m hoping the ajuga will grow in the gaps in the front of the garden, but it has a tendency to disappear in all of our gardens, crowded by everything else, only to reemerge years later when the soil is disturbed.

4. Show-off coleus

5. Braggart coleus

6. Proud peacock coleus

7. Layin-it-on-thick coleus

8. Shed leaves of the coleus cuttings I pruned

9. The bee balm gets redder by the day. Including some of its foliage — there’s something off about these plants in the corner of this garden, but they still are beautiful.

10. A bellflower I almost didn’t notice up in the garden along the slope

11. At the vegetable garden, I stopped to admire the biggest kohlrabi

12. The broccoli is getting full

13. This little guy was sitting with great composure on a gomphrena seedling behind my pea trellis

14. A pretty beet leaf. It’s that red-purple midvein that does it.


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