June 18th pictures

I am somewhat preoccupied with the vegetable garden these days, if you haven’t noticed. That’s because THINGS are HAPPENING in there. Right after I gave everything a little drink this evening I took some pictures with my phone (which I finally just learned how to focus, which was so easy it made me feel dumb for not figuring it out before). The kohlrabi is almost ready to harvest, which is exciting even though I’ve already picked some strawberries and picked some basil from there. It will be the first significant-ish thing I get to eat from the garden. Huzzah!

1. The golden pea is flowering more by the day.

2. Batch #2 of peas, this time a green dwarf variety.

3. Water gathered in kohlrabi leaf

4. More water dotted on more kohlrabi leaves

5. Beet leaf

7. Nasturtium

8. Carrot leaves


10 thoughts on “June 18th pictures

    • What kind of phone do you have? I am starting to like my phone’s camera more and more, now that I am actually learning how to use it a little better. It’s nice to have as a backup, too, because I am perpetually forgetting to charge my camera-camera’s battery.

      • Droid X . . . it has a 8MP camera, and options for various scenes, but the photos don’t come out all that great (I knew that when I bought it, but was surprised how much better other phones are). I never saw it as an issue because my regular camera is always with me, but once in a while it would be nice to snap a phone photo and say . . . “that’s really not bad”.

        Maybe my next phone.

  1. I agree with Lady Day..I love that shot. I have an iphone4s and some of the photos it took are better than I could get with my Nikon D80. True. It has lovely color and a good lens. What more do you need?

  2. You know, I learned a trick from a friend on trellising peas (I’ll try it next year). Use a branch with a long single trunk and several smaller branches (sized appropriately for the mature pea plant) and stick the trunk part into the ground where the plant is growing (like a mini-tree). The peas will grab onto it and take it over as they grow — voila, a pea tree. No tying, pounding stakes, weaving sisal in between. Thought I’d share — even though I haven’t actually done it yet. My peas were done a month ago; I’ve pulled them already, composted my sisal, and re-purposed my T-posts.

    • That is really awesome. I’m going to have to try that next year — god knows I have a lot of material around here to pick from. Thanks for the tip!

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