June 21st pictures

Every day at the farm now, it seems like we have an hourly cat interlude. Lunch is a total free-for-all. You got cats trying to eat jelly, cats rubbing against galls on box elder trees, cats trying to get your attention by meticulously weaving their claws into your flesh as they climb up your pants leg, cats leap-frogging one another, cats sleeping on rocks and gazing distrustingly at you as you take forty-six thousand pictures of them with your phone while they’re simply trying to BE.

So here’s some pictures of those cats.

1. Mama cat looking up at me from my lap.

2. Little Blackie, busy being precious.

3. Just precious-ing it up.

This evening I thought I’d try to spend a little bit of time in the shade garden. The garden that got it all started. Now I do what I can to maintain all of them. But this is the one I started a few years ago and that is growing by fits and starts. It’s in the front yard. The front yard has taken a big back seat to the back yard, with the new vegetable garden. But my little shade garden will always have a special place in my heart.

4. In the continuation of my fascination with dilapidated leaves, here is the leaf of false Solomon’s seal past its prime.

5. Here’s the love-in-a-mist I was so happy to discover finally growing in my shade garden. I love its form. It looks kind of like it’s twirling.

6. A globe allium flower just beginning to bloom.

7.Opened further, the globe allium looks like a little firework.

8. Fallen poppy leaves.

9. A daisy flower bud in the front garden

10. Three different echinacea flowers


12. Milkweed

13. Milkweed

14. Looking through the fine veining in milkweed leaves with flower in the background

15. I took a similar picture a week or two ago of this coral bell in my garden, but this time the flowers have actually opened.

16. The zinnias are going to bloom soon. Huzzah!

17. One of the columbine’s seed pods is beginning to split open and shed its seeds.

18. The mini rose in the front yard is blooming again.

19. Astilbe flower on the north side of the house

20. Bee balm flower…sprouting another bee balm flower? Huh.

Eventually the mosquitoes got too bad and they chased me inside. I wanted to take more pictures of the bee balm, though. I brought it inside and took pictures of it against the screen door. I can’t pick one.






5 thoughts on “June 21st pictures

  1. Your eye…you see some of the most unusual angles in plants and flowers! I loved the milkweed with the sun — almost like it’s bowing to it. Hey, I posted a long garden update yesterday if you want to have look-see. All about the dirt.

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