June 20th pictures

Yesterday, while other parts of the state got pelted — most notably Duluth, which experienced severe flooding — we just got a kind of gentle spittle sort of rain. Enough to get the mosquitoes a-dancin’. At the farm it rained on us a little bit, on and off throughout the day, keeping us cool as we weeded and planted, but nothing much happened in our region until later in the early evening. Finally everything got a nice little drink. Some plants, a little too much.

Right before it started raining at home, I got to harvest a few things around the yard. It is not exactly a feast but it all was good. The basil went in salad and on grilled cheese. Raspberries in smoothie. (I now have to fight the birds and daddy long legs for what’s left of the fruit.) Green onion in salad. Kohlrabi, still waiting to be eaten.


2. Back on the farm, I watched the kittens frolick at lunch. This is one of my favorites. I hear him (her?) get referred to, not exactly imaginatively, as Blackie.

3. Here is what happens when you are bitten by a mosquito as you try to take a picture. You become an abstract expressionist.

4. You know, these guys only began to bloom a few days ago. And already there’s a little pea pod. I’m very excited for these peas.

5. Here’s a less successful rendering of peas. I sowed these later. The soil here is so wet, and rain drips off the shop’s roof and creates deep, muddy depressions. I didn’t realize how poorly-drained it was when I dug up this little area — a lot of the things I have tried to grow here are not germinating, maybe rotting before they can even get started.

6. A little droplet gathered on a nasturtium leaf.

7. In the late evening it cleared, and we were treated to another nice sunset.


3 thoughts on “June 20th pictures

  1. Our garden is beset with enemies this year–something has nibbled all of my peas and one nice volunteer sunflower right down to the ground. A bunny fence has not helped, so we are trying the plastic owl. It seems a little better, but the stink bugs are attacking (and will annihilate, unless stopped) the squash, and pill bugs are draining the life out of my cucumber stems. It looks like I will end up with spindly corn, a nice bunch of basil, a few onions and planter grown tomatoes, and not much else. Oh, and for some reason, the peppers are very happy. ??? Maybe it’s time for some serious chemical warfare. Or maybe it’s time to consider the grocery store the best source of fresh vegetables. Here’s wishing you much better luck in your garden!

    • Sorry to hear the pests have overrun your garden that badly! We have a chicken wire fence and I guess that’s doing the job with the rabbits. I was a little worried about it, because we didn’t really take any care to bury it too deeply (just as deeply as we felt like using the hoe to dig a little ditch), so I thought critters might burrow under the fence easily. So far, so good. We’ve got some bugs, too, especially on the Brussels sprouts, but so far so good. Most of my problems are abiotic — water and wind issues! Hope you’re able to get a good harvest out of those things in your garden that *are* doing alright.

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