June 22nd pictures: some summer color for your viewing pleasure (we can only hope)

It’s getting late, and I’m up blogging and using the royal we. Confound you, photo blog, how could you let me get behind again?

Friday evening’s picture jaunt revealed a glimpse of a really summery landscape. For me what really makes it are the day lilies. Do you remember that smack I was talking about echinacea the other day, about how they’re okay but not making any personal top 10 lists, scarcely of any consequence to me until they’re blooming? That’s also how I feel but amplified about a thousand about the day lilies. They’re just so ubiquitous in our landscape. Well, us and — by my casual estimation — everyone else ever in the temperate world since the beginning of time. They’re basically tautological at this point: they’re in everyone’s garden because they’re in everyone’s garden.

I know they come in 26 thousand colors and they’re widely adaptable and they spread everywhere, so it’s a pretty flower of many varieties that’s hard to fail with. That’s cool. I see why people want that. But it’s just hard to get excited about a plant you see almost literally everywhere. Of course, now that it’s blooming, I’m forced to say, well gee, they are nice-looking.

They are!

So they can stay. The first ones blooming for us were some little yellow ones. Might be Stella D’oros. But my favorite are the maroon and gold ones in the backyard: U of M colors, dontcha know.

1. I saw three bees buried deep in different flowers in this plant. They were so still, hardly moving in fact — concentrating hard, I guess — that I thought they’d died for a second. As in maybe he was going on one last bender, go out in a blaze of glory and his body weight in nectar. I admit that I shook the flower a little to rouse them. They were fine.

2. A profusion of lilies

3. A hairy buddy on a false indigo leaf

4. I thought I’d document the profusion of clovers while they lasted. They’re gone (for now), mowed down yesterday.

5. A detail of the back of the globe allium inflorescence. I like that papery little scale/sheath thing.

6. Little green bug on barberry

7. Echinacea ray florets

8. The crab apple has some pretty fatigued-looking foliage.

9. Chives gone to seed

10. Moth I found in the driveway

11. Flowering grass on the edge of the yard

12. This thistle is lucky — it’s just beyond the road a little, so they missed the guys out spraying the other day. I would say that the flowers almost make thistle worth it, but I’ve been coming out on the losing side of many a battle with thistle the last few months, so I just don’t know….

13. Little beetle on bee balm leaf. I think it’s a lightning bug. Can’t remember, don’t pay much attention unless they’re lit up, unlike the lazy guy pictured here.

14. The U of M-colored day lily’s stamens

15. Another view of the lily

16. One of the sedum varieties is blooming

17. A flower of the mystery mint, or whatever it is (anyway I believe it’s in that family)

18. A fly showed up just in time for my bell flower picture. Figured, why not. Share the love. Share a moment where a fly is not biting flesh, and hence, being kind of alright.

19. I like very much how this old log looks against the sedum and creeping charlie that have overtaken this corner of the garden.


9 thoughts on “June 22nd pictures: some summer color for your viewing pleasure (we can only hope)

  1. Ah . . . another Michigan fan. I worked among them; they can really get into it. Although they have been spread around the world by prevailing jobs, they never fail to remind people of their like for U of M.

    Although . . . I thought their colors were Maize and Blue . . .

    Seems like everyone is doing bugs, flowers, and combination thereof (my own effort is in the works). Nice shots, as usual.

      • Minnesota has a University?!?! . . . who’d it thunk it!

        . . . er . . . it does have classes and stuff, right? Like a real university?

        I suppose they have sports as well. I don’t follow all that stuff, but I hear people can get their knickers all in a bunch over it.

        • Now now, let’s have none of this.

          I had someone get a little snooty with me once for using the term MSU in reference to Minnesota State University, because I guess those letters are solely the legal domain of Michigan State or something. Must there always be a back-and-forth Minnesota-Michigan thing? I don’t ever hear Montanans get into this.

          Then again, I’ve never seen a Montanan…that I know of.

          • So, to my knowledge there is no small-enough measure one could use to quantify my interest in any university sports (name, curriculum, reputation, etc).

            However, how much it means to others offers up all sorts of mirth opportunities . . . all in good fun, of course.

            “Go Polar Bears!” (a Big Bang Theory joke).

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