June 23rd and 24th pictures

These first few pictures don’t differ from my usual, with the exception that they were taken at Flandrau State Park. It’s a fine little park nestled in the hills around New Ulm. I feel compelled to tell you something noteworthy about the park but unfortunately I didn’t learn anything when I was there. Well, I learned that a good many raspberries grow there. And that Miki loves Wakisha.

Alright, just for you, I have learned via Wikipedia, after the fact, that Flandrau used to house a German POW camp in World War II. And that the park itself was instituted in order to create jobs during the Depression. And that there used to be a dam there, but it was removed in 1995. But back to the POWs.

From Wikipedia:

“The location of Camp New Ulm outside a town with a strong German heritage was a lucky break for the POWs. Many locals still spoke German and were sympathetic toward the prisoners (and hoping in many cases for news of relatives and the old country).[12] German-speaking church officials held Lutheran and Catholic services in the camp and gathered donations of reading material.[13] Although the guards warned civilians that they were not to have contact with the POWs, food was slipped over the fence, cannery workers shared ice cream and beer, and young women waded across the river at night to flirt at the camp’s edge.[12][14] POWs out on weeklong farm details fared best of all, often receiving full home-cooked meals at the family dinner table.[12]”

But instead of any pictures related to the place’s history, here are some flowers.

1. Butterfly weed and…something. Artemisia? Lychnis? Lamb’s ear?

2. I think this is a box elder nymph on butterfly weed. (I captioned this picture from memory without actually looking at it and called this a bee. Whoops.)

3. I have no idea what this is. Something in the pea family? Its leaves look kind of like the sensitive plant.

4. Here’s a real quintessential campground picture for you: eternal love eternally eternalized. Miki and Wakisha.

From June 24th:

5. Moss growing on the retaining wall under the deck.

6. Heliopsis

7. Bee balm

8. Bee balm

9. Water droplets on Brussels sprouts leaves

10. Strawberry runner unfurling

11. One of the members of my mesclun mix. I love its leaves.

12. The pretty little pea tendrils wrapped around my *EXPERTLY* lashed trellis

13. Water droplets on anise leaf

14. The first pea!


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