June 25th pictures

1. Huzzah! A pink zinnia.

2. Echinacea

3. The morning glory on the trellis is getting eaten somethin’ fierce

4. Hosta in bloom

5. Hey! Broccoli beginning to head up.

6. Beet stems are quite lovely.

7. One of the first tomatoes. Just noticed we had fruit yesterday.

8. No post is complete without nasturtium.


12 thoughts on “June 25th pictures

  1. I love your tomato. I also want to know how you prevented rabbits from eating every pea, broccoli leaf, and bean in your garden. They ate mine down to bare dirt. Aaargh!

    • The rabbits in my area must be very well-fed by everything else around here (I like on the edge of the woods)! Like I mentioned in my other comment, the little wire fence really seems to be doing the job, so I’m lucky. I forgot to mention that this is also in spite of the “door” we rigged up, which is just TERRIBLE…it’s just a loose flap of fence we swing open, with this pvc pole we stick in the ground. Well, the pole doesn’t go in the ground very deeply, and the door always starts to fall open about three or four inches up the fence. If a rabbit felt like being industrious, I’m sure it could jump right through that gap, but for whatever reason, they have chosen not to so far.

      I hope just by typing that I haven’t jinxed things.

      • Our local garden center asked me how deep I’d buried the bunny fence. I said “huh?” But it’s too late to get new broccoli plants, and I will only plant peas for my container garden that I can keep in the shade part of the time so the new ones don’t burn up. Anyway, there’s a brand new roll of chicken wire on my front porch for when I get a cooler day to dig it in. It’ll be a bad day for the bunnies.

        Thanks for your good advice! I love your grasses today–inspired. Keep shooting!


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