June 26th pictures: some pictures before I melt

I write this sitting on a blanket in the shade of the front yard. Little bugs are dive-bombing my face. I am told that by about 4 or 5 o’clock, the heat index will have reached the triple digits. I am trying to conserve energy for later wanderings and picture-takings while remaining fully aware that I might melt entirely by then. Here’s to hoping I have some pictures for you later.

In the meantime, here are some shots from last night’s bike ride. How is it it’s always bike ride day on the day when we have strong southerly winds, south being the direction I’m typically pedaling back homewards to? You might say, well, Sarah, just ride your bike another day. But it doesn’t work like that. I’ve got a system. It had to be yesterday. And it was windy. Somehow I persevered, though.


2. Ah, those shimmering fields of corn. Not pictured: Little rustling blond children.



5. I keep failing to get a picture of this grass that I really like, one that captures how nice and purplish it can be.

6. I biked to a little tiny lake nearby.

7. Ripples on the lake


9. There were all those birds (top right) dive-bombing one another for funsies.

10. Before last night, I didn’t believe that all Bud/Busch/Miller Lite/Keystone Light drinkers littered their beer trash on the ground, but I DID believe that all beer trash litterers were Bud/Busch/Miller Lite/Keystone Light drinkers. Then I found this at the dock yesterday and now I must confront my own prejudice, for I drink Grain Belt.

11. Heading right..towards the moon!

12. So…I was going to partly lie down in the ditch and try to take pictures of some of the wildflowers against the sky, but then I stumbled across this decaying raccoon and decided against it.

13. Windy, see.







3 thoughts on “June 26th pictures: some pictures before I melt

  1. I like your choice of shooting low and up on your flowers. Getting the moon in the first one really makes it sing for me. Sorry to hear about your heat wave. Hope it doesn’t outlast you. 🙂

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