June 27th pictures

Commentary time: it’s hot.

Elaboration time: when I said it was windy every single day in the history of ever in Minnesota, I might have overstated it. Today was a still one, a vision of placidity wrapped in a burning hot, sweaty, Angora sweater threatening to choke the life out of anyone who dared lift a finger too far. In other words, just really, really hot. However, the walk I went on just before sunset was quite pleasant, and it was nice to take pictures in the absence of wind for a change.


2. The thistle flower, the one redeeming feature on an otherwise terrible plant.

3. Thistle, just before blooming.

4. Horsetail strobilus (spore-bearing structure)

5. I’ve been intrigued of late by this grass with the little yellow flaglike floral components. And the white bushy eyebrows. Sorry, my grass terminology/know-how leaves something to be desired.

And to think, tonight was going to be the night that I learned how to identify grasses for y’all.

6. Thistle leaf

7. I dunno. Panic grass?


9. Another effort to capture the purple hues of this grass.

10. Shadows of crown vetch on leaf with rust

11. Another view of the rust spores



14. The one on the left is curly dock. See it docking, curlily? Or maybe that’s the other way around.

15. Looks like the little fella got sprayed with some herbicide.





20. Please now enjoy my obsession with this grass in the next series of pictures.







27. The tenacity of these little guys growing out of the asphalt is considerable.

28. A grass mobile!

29. A detail of the “mobile”

30. I am a big fan of these little whitish translucent seed pods, too.


32. I thought this leaf looked wonderfully sculptural. The key is Roundup. Use it to create mini artworks among all your undesirable roadside platns!

33. These are flowers from different individuals of the same kind of plant in the previous picture. I imagine they are celebrating not being taken out with glyphosate.


35. More of the dead weeds

36. I think this is the seed head of yellow goat’s beard


38. There is no limit to the bold colors of a plant in distress.

39. I like these wispy clouds.






45. I don’t know why, but I just like this clump of grass.




49. A little bit hazy today.



52. Balkan catchfly, I believe

A lot of stuff was biting today, stuff I never knew to be biters before. Maybe it’s like that old conventional wisdom where the murder rate goes up along with the temps. The bugs are just angry about all this weather too.


8 thoughts on “June 27th pictures

  1. Especially loved the first shot (sunset), as well as # 39 (wispy clouds) … as much as I like the clouds, it’s the angle on the wires that caught my fancy.

    In case you ever feel the need to get an up-close-and-personal shot of the sun, head on down to South Texas, where it was 107 degrees today. Just remember not to wear rubber-soled shoes, because they’ll melt into the asphalt. And yep, I would have to agree. Even the bugs seem to get angrier as the temperature rises. I keep shaking my head and muttering under my breath … Oh, Dear Lord, it’s only June … for us, late August and September are the real killer months … I’m scared to even imagine how hot it’s gonna be by then … last year, I think our hottest day was 117, in late August, (although it hit 115 several times in June). Looks like we’re expecting more of the same.

  2. WOW, Girl! Amazing shots! Beautiful grasses. I completely understand being captivated by their waving fans that catch the light. And, I agree with you about the wind. The wind is my major foe when I’m taking weed pics. Great photos. Great day. Thank you.

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