June 29th pictures: a few countrified scenes

Went for a bike ride last night.

1. What I saw biking west.

2. Where’s this sign get off, anyway, telling me to stop? Any rational person would shoot it.

3. I’m sure there is a name for this kind of drainage-y, buffer-y area between the two cornfields, but I don’t know it.

4. I am oddly fascinated with this tower, which I pass on my way to work. I decided to bike as far as that last night, just so I could look at it up close. Temporary explanation: being countrified these days has got me interested in tall, vertical structures, which we just don’t have a lot of out here.



7. A little pond on the edge of one of the fields.

8. One of the few non-windrow trees in the landscape.

9. The sun disappeared behind clouds for most of the sunset, but made the tiniest of blips just as it was touching the horizon.


11. Pond scum lets us know we’re in southern Minnesota.



6 thoughts on “June 29th pictures: a few countrified scenes

  1. Great shots, Sarah. There’s something magnificent about the big horizontals of the prairie. Where else could you get those great highway into the distance shots? and the drainage ditch in the cornfield ends up looking like some kind of neolithic mound thing. very cool.

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