July 2nd pictures

I probably don’t need to mention that it’s hot here. It’s hot everywhere. We broke a heat record today, but I remember I heard something about Atlanta breaking a record the other day (106 degrees), and you know, some states are on fire, or battered by thunderstorms and without power. Soooo. I guess we have it pretty good here.

I couldn’t really hack the heat, though. I fell asleep in the pool for a while and that was a trip. But then I woke up and took these pictures and all the plants were starting to get sad and thirsty but I tried to fix that and I saw some cool things.

1. This swallowtail (I think that’s what it is, I know pretty much nothing about butterflies) was on a total nectar bender. Also very skittish. I was happy to at least get a few semi-clear shots of it.


16 thoughts on “July 2nd pictures

  1. Tried to leave comments on the individual photos, but it did not work well (or at all).

    #5 looks like a bug-eyed monster peeking out from under the leaf.

    Our coneflowers are just starting to bud. Nice pictures of them . . . for you not liking them, and all.

  2. These are so beautiful! I really love the first pic of the butterfly and the coneflower, but all of the other coneflowers are amazing, too!

  3. Many great macro shots you’ve captured this morning. Here we have nice weather now – but mostly it’s been colder than normal this summer…. 😦

  4. These are really beautiful! I really need to get a new lens for my camera so I can take some macros like this. Would be awesome. Random question, when you put together such a great collection like this, how many pictures do you take?

    • Thank you kindly! Alternatively you can get yourself a Canon Elph (Ixus is what I have but I think they’re the same thing) — I’m really happy with their quality! 🙂 Estimating here, I usually take between 50 – 150 pictures, and this day was on the higher end, according to the number of files on my computer.

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