July 3rd pictures

Yesterday I thought it would be swell to go see what it’s like down in the woods. I haven’t been down there since, well, probably the last time I put up pictures from there, so probably about a month ago. There are approximately 500 mosquitoes per square inch and wood nettle almost up to my shoulders in some places, so I coated myself in a healthy (i.e. unhealthy) layer of Deet and wore long pants and boots and a head net tucked into my collar. Ultimately I wanted to go down to the river bed which I figured would be quite exposed, as dry as things have been here. But before I got there I heard some young kids whooping it up at the opposite riverbank and did not feel like wandering around doing my picture-taking thing in the same stretch of river. It would have cramped my style. The heat index by that point was around 100.

So then I wandered around and looked at other things for as long as I could tolerate it, which was for about 10 minutes.

1. Jack-in-the-pulpit fruit, unripe


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