July 7th pictures

1. Rio is a goofy cat that just wants to stick her head into empty paper bags.


3 thoughts on “July 7th pictures

  1. lots of good stuff in today’s selection of photos … especially love #17 (blazing star) and #18 (buggy dance), and #9 (grapes and house behind fence).
    can’t help having a special appreciation for # 2, (Rio is not amused), and #8 begs the question, “How many people does it take to start a fire?” 🙂

  2. Nice pix! love the sedum leaf and birch. The food looks good… maybe you’re paying extra because it’s been introduced to wine at some point, right? Like the mutton in Alice Through the Looking Glass?

    (And I’m with ntexas99—that firestarting looks desperate rather than expert.)

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