July 8th pictures: What to do with a three-pound zucchini, and scenes from the garden

The other day at the farm, they discovered a monstrously large zucchini (3.75 lbs if I remember) that had gotten looked over during previous harvests. They weren’t going to sell it, so I — given that I had just made some zucchini bread the other day, and had been relieved to get rid of that batch of zucchini, and was already kind of sick of zucchini bread — decided the wisest thing to do would be to take the nearly four pounds of zucchini. So this morning I made zucchini muffins. (I thought I’d really take a walk on the wild side after zucchini bread.) I also made this zucchini and corn recipe which is meant to serve as a low-sodium alternative to salsa or a low-fat one to guac. It’s not that I’m genuinely worried about finding replacements for those things (I’m probably more likely to actively search for delicious fatty and sodium-laden recipes than to actively avoid them); I just thought the recipe might be good. I’m eating it right now, as a matter of fact. The verdict is…I like it! I would just be more generous with the lime and cilantro.

After the photographic evidence of these dishes, I have a few pictures of the gardens as a whole. Not the isolated chunks I’m more inclined to parcel out to you as close-ups and macros. No, the gardens are looking quite spiffy these days, in my opinion, and I thought they warranted more context right now.

1. The muffins


4 thoughts on “July 8th pictures: What to do with a three-pound zucchini, and scenes from the garden

  1. Thank you for sharing photos of your garden. Mine’s not much anymore since I ripped it up — waiting for things to cool down again. Yours is lovely!

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