June 6th pictures

This week, the garden cranked the summer dial up to 11.

1. Daylily foliage falling fortuitously against daylily stamens and catching the light


7 thoughts on “June 6th pictures

  1. good grief … you make this so hard. I wanted to jump up and down and excitedly proclaim #3 the winner (waterfall necrotic leaf), but then, that’s only because I hadn’t made it down to #5 (dandelion seed in a spider web), or #6 (leaf in wet web), or #7 (dandelion seed head with water droplets and crab apple in the background), or #11 (zinnia), or #14 (lacewing on orange flower petal), or #26 (mottled red and green leaf), but when I saw #22 (drying echinacea), I had no choice but declare it as today’s winner. Such a delicate curve, and deliciously soft and brittle fuzzies, and the feathery-brown petals rushing upwards, and the muted out-of-focus green background, and you know I love me some decay. Especially when given center stage, and allowed to simply be there, and proclaim, “I am dying.” Sorry to all those other great photos, but #22 (Dying echinacea) gets the prize today. With a special nod of appreciation to the photographer. Nicely done!

  2. Sarah, your photos continue to astonish. The swallowtail butterfly set the other day was amazing and this collection continues the wonder when you see small things in such beautiful detail.

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