July 9th pictures

Today I saw a spider make a web for a little while. Then I brushed one of the leaves of the daylily where it was building the web, and the spider disappeared…utterly and worryingly. It would not have been wrong of it to cling to something I owned and then leap out of it later and surprise me, because I also accidentally smacked the web itself a couple times.

The first short wasn’t clear, but I liked it anyway. It’s a spider in a dream vision. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Then I discovered that my love-in-a-mist has bloomed.

I also continued to document the decline — physical, spiritual, etc. — of the false indigo seed pods.

I stopped by one more time to look for the spider. It was gone. Or was it?

Yeah. It was.

Inside, a slight disappointment met me. The whole reason (ok, about 83% of the reason) I grew zinnias was to have pretty cut flowers. And I did, for two days. And then I forget to replenish their water. Kids, learn from my mistakes. Water your thirsty zinnias.


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