July 10th pictures

I’m always late with these pictures nowadays. Here are yesterday’s; I’m too tired to post today’s as there are a fair amount, but here’s a hint: it’s a whole photo series of kittens in pants and monocles. Wait, that’s a lie. They’re actually pictures I took down by the river of mud-encaked rocks and things. Whatever, close enough.

I would never be late with these if I just took a nap for a couple years and woke up when the technology will have caught up sufficiently that I can take the pictures and then upload them to my brain, where they would be coupled with the insightful and hilarious commentary you’re used to and posted on this blog. Alas.

Yesterday, I continued to be entranced by love-in-a-mist.

Another common name of love-in-a-mist is devil-in-the-bush. So which is it for you? Or are you going to play the “That’s a fascinating dichotomy!” card and bow out of the conversation? (Knave.)

The group in front are all blooming now. I wish I’d sown all the seeds. I wish it didn’t look like fall already. Look at all those leaves on the ground.

Daylily, in what are in effect its twilight moments, has not ceased to entice me.

Meanwhile, an ant was enticed by the two pumpkin seedlings which finally saw fit to appear a day or two back.

But the most exciting moment of the day was certainly when I harvested a few small beets. They say they’re best about the size of a golf ball. The one on the far left, well I was over-eager when I pulled that one. I ate them in a salad. The salad had goat cheese on top. I shouldn’t be buying goat cheese but I figured the first batch of beets warranted a little extra.

6 thoughts on “July 10th pictures

    • They’re fast becoming one of my favorite vegetables! I’ve been harvesting a few leaves here and there for salads and eating the stems, too (they’re very pretty!).

      • I pick a few leaves off of mine before I harvest the bulbs and mix in with other green garden leaves I have at the time. The “saltiness” of the beet with the peppery mesclun, and the delicious brassica…every day, I tell you!! Makes my mouth water just typing about it.

        • I have a mesclun mix too but only one thing has really come up (there’s one or two token representatives of a few species, but the rest are all this kind of bitter green — unsure what it is, unfortunately). I’ve been mixing that and the beets together. So that mix is pretty good but I prefer the beet greens stir fried ever so slightly to raw. And when you say brassica…are you eating broccoli, cauliflower, & co. greens?

          • In my garden, it’s broccoli. The crowns are done, but the dang plants haven’t bolted yet — so I’m still getting these lovely “mini” stalks. Mm! I harvest the leaves when they’re under 4″. They taste just like raw broccoli, but smoother in texture than kale.

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