June 11th pictures


That’s about all the substantial commentary I’ve got. I walked down to the river yesterday for the first time since about mid-May. In that time, the mosquitoes have moved in and they suck out your soul in addition to your blood. There are also nettles up to your armpits. This is just nature’s way of saying, have fun!

1. There were these violet-y plants by the riverside that were just beginning to shed their petals.


6 thoughts on “June 11th pictures

  1. That would be a Walnut Husk Fly. They are known for attacking humans, usually going for the eyes.

    . . . I kid about the last part, but it is a Walnut Husk Fly.

    • Do you know these things already, or do you look them up on that bug site you guided me towards a while back and which I have neglected to use because I’m a fool?

      • Answering that might destroy the illusion of me as a bottomless store of esoteric knowledge . . . but, I own a book called “Field Guide to Insects and Spiders of North America” Published by the National Wildlife Federation, by Arthur V, Evans.

        It’s pretty good, but I’ll probably order a few more books to fill in gaps.

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