July 12th pictures

A favorite theme of mine for this most unlucky day.

1. Rose


6 thoughts on “July 12th pictures

    • Thank you! I’m glad someone else enjoys flowers and leaves in this stage too. After these pictures were taken I went on a real bout of weeding and deadheading which was almost kind of a bummer, but something tells me that more weeds and more dead flowers will be back soon to take their place….

  1. The aftermath of that rose is striking. I feel these photos as a whole carry a recurrent theme, that being the beauty of degeneration. Even the Bleeding hearts have begun to wither, a testament to the cycle of life and the awe it conveys in each stage of being. It’s a wonderful thing that we as humans have the ability to find intrigue in the life that surrounds us, even in the latter stages of decline. Loved these, thanks for posting them!

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