A preview

You would not believe the number of pictures I ended up with of this little sucker. Or maybe you would. I have about 500. I was trying to get him in mid-flash. He was hanging out on a garden ornament and couldn’t seem to go more than a few inches. Or maybe he didn’t want to, what with the quality of his company; however I do believe it more likely that he was profoundly irritated with me because he was flailing his limbs and wiggling his abdomen in a way that might be described as shirty. Hey firefly, I am not your problem. Your problem is you can’t deal with your own problems and fly off. Think about that before you project all your anger on me.

But more of that later. I also still owe pictures from yesterday. Hint: there may be plant life.

One thought on “A preview

  1. I find fireflies to be the most passive of all the insects. Their smooth bodies and calm temperament bring a smile to my face when they land on me or congregate around my homes front entrance. This guy wasn’t angry with you. He just found your camera interesting. Maybe he’s looking to make it big in the bug world? He surely has the talent to “light things up” as they say. 😉

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