July 14th pictures: fun with fireflies

Last night, a firefly was hanging out on a garden ornament near the patio, glowing daintily and waving its limbs in what I took to be general frustration. I tried to get pictures of its body from many different angles and in states of glowitude. After a while I just started getting greedy, waiting for it to…I don’t know…tap dance, or something. But even though it didn’t given even a desultory jig, it was still quite lovely.


In other news, WordPress is being incredibly tetchy with its photo upload tonight.

10 thoughts on “July 14th pictures: fun with fireflies

  1. You’ve got some good timing. I’ve noticed that when my kids and I catch fireflies that there’s no rhyme or reason to when they light up. I wonder how many photos you had to take to get as many as you did with the “glow” going?

    • I wondered if this bug was distressed by my presence (I don’t think, based on what little reading I did, that that’s one of the reasons they signal, but I could be wrong), but it was actually lighting up fairly frequently, far more often than ones I see just flying around and random. So I got pretty lucky!

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