July 16th pictures

Have you ever wanted to experience life like one of the children of the corn? See what they see? Stalk who they stalk? Rustle unnervingly where they rustle? Surrounded as I am by cornfields I can’t help but think it would be a pretty easy transition to creepy-gazed malevolent corn-dweller. So today I actually checked out a cornfield. Yes, it was more to look at the corn itself and less to follow the bidding of the dark force there, but why can’t you kill two birds with one stone?

No jokes, though. Because this is no laughing matter. Corn anatomy is actually pretty neat. For something so omnipresent — maybe because it is omnipresent — I don’t pay much attention to it. It’s just that staple crop that occupies nearly all the agricultural land around here that isn’t soybean. What thought I give to it has been reserved to trivia (hey, we’re the number four corn producer in the country) and others’ writings about the troubling role corn has played in decimating today’s farmers. Today I just learned that corn is really, really tall.

Side note: I knew it was going to be impossible to refrain from saying something stupid about the Children of the Corn when I made this entry, but I realized I knew nothing about the story beyond the fact that somewhere, there are these children. In the corn. And they’re probably kind of scary for some reason. So I read the synopsis on the Wikipedia page and now I am just going to sit here feeling disturbed for a while.



8 thoughts on “July 16th pictures

  1. All I remember about corn fields is:

    1) they are hot (as in oppressive-OMG-get-me-out-of-here, not as in “Oh, sexy!)

    2) they will cut you, and cut you good!

    3) They don’t like to be called corny.

    I like the corn tunnel (#5) . . . more so if I were 4-5 inches tall and had a little ATV to ride under and around them big stalks.

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