July 19th pictures — phone picture edition

A lot of my life at the farm revolves around tomatoes lately. Today I weeded in the hoop house, and that was rather warm. Other days I’ve been tying the tomato vines to various posts. Unwieldy things, they are. Tomatoes like to really scream their presence at you with their sharp smell and the green gunk they leave all over your skin and arms if you spend any amount of time pruning and pinning them and whatnot. A rather sensory experience.

They’re taller than me now.

Sometimes I feel like this distorted, terrifying face is going to appear on the other side of this plastic. It will probably whisper raspily of murder. Or tomatoes. One of the two.

Some of the rows are so crowded and the fruit quite full, I am worried about laying waste to an entire plant by just trying to walk by it.

The little beauts.

Kittens are also a constant fixture on the farm. The adult cats make themselves a little more scarce; the friendliest ones — that I knew of, anyway — all have disappeared this year. It’s great being a barn cat, until you get eaten by a coyote, I guess. So all the rest of the cats hide, but the kittens are so tame and follow all the people around, it’s ridiculous. Let us have some gratuitous cat pictures.

I’m not sure what these cats are called, but they do all eventually get names.

And rounding out the pictures on my phone from the last couple days, this is what the sky looked like yesterday morning, before we finally got some rain. Behold the marvelous flat landscape.

It was nice to look out and see some grey and clouds for a change. (And today we actually had fog.) Too bad it didn’t amount to much, rainwise.


6 thoughts on “July 19th pictures — phone picture edition

  1. Again your commentary brought a smile. I never miss one of your posts, for that reason, in addition to your pictures. Now I will be looking for villainous faces is my garden too.

    • I’m glad to introduce a little horror where there didn’t have to be any at all. Thanks for sticking faithfully to the blog; nice to have you along!

  2. . . . I need to hire someone near there to do that whole “face thing”. How’s your heart? Like to be startled?

    Nice pictures, as usual.

    As for the cats . . . it’s always sad when I see signs here for missing cats or small dogs . . . they are not likely to survive a single night outside.

    • These were taken on the farm where I work. I wish all these were ours! (Although we’re just starting to get a nice little harvest at home, so I can’t really complain!)

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