July 21st pictures: cicada

Yesterday my dad found a cicada that had just molted.

I think this might be the northern dusk singing cicada, which is a cumbersome common name. An hour or so after I took these pictures, it flew off to pursue its lusty adventures. See ya, cicada.


8 thoughts on “July 21st pictures: cicada

  1. Almost looks fake . . . but keeping you up at night will be real enough soon.

    Actually, I don’t know if MN cicadas are as annoying as other cicadas, or as tasty a snack.

  2. My kids watched one molt a couple years ago. Now they point out every shell. Soon, we will hear the late summer sound of them in the treetops–it would not quite be a Midwestern summer without them.

  3. Amazing to see it actually crawling out of it’s shell! They’ve been so loud lately that they’re driving me crazy – so it’s nice to see the little buggers up close. Helps to appreciate them a bit 🙂

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