July 23rd pictures

1. This little fellow on the rose bush surprised me today. Looked him up and he must be the red-banded leafhopper. He is very tiny, about the size of my pinkie nail.


14 thoughts on “July 23rd pictures

  1. Awesome bug.

    Heart?!? That Lefis, a mantis-like alien predator that would be lethal to us if only it had any means of locomotion beside waiting for a gust of wind. The brownish-yellow coloring indicate it was preparing to strike . . . it’s lucky you did not linger! . . . no wait . . . I suppose it could be a twisted heart. Say!! that would make a great title for a cook book!

    Never seen a bachelor button bud before. Exquisite structural detail and coloring (couloring for the occasional anglo visitor).

    I like the word “anisette” . . . always did. The name anise befits the fragrance, and i much prefer it to aniseed. The flowers are nice as well.

    • Your folk biology is ever amusing. But above all informative, of course!

      Hmmm…wasn’t familiar with anisette. Spose I could make some now in my illegal bathroom still?

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