July 24th pictures

Ditch Pictures ™ tonight.

Solomon’s seal fruit


10 thoughts on “July 24th pictures

  1. Hmmm . . . that’s quite different from the thistle we have here (which will appear in a future post of mine).

    Not to question your expertise, but . . . are you sure it’s thistle?

    I guess I am questioning your expertise, and doing so while claiming none of my own.

    • There are tons of different thistles out there, though — we’ve got a few different kinds here. When it’s in full bloom, it’s got a nice purple flower and deadly spikey foliage, so I’ve always just assumed that’s what it is, although I’ve never actually verified.

      • Yeah, that first one looks like Canada thistle . . . the second one is the one I was asking about. I’ve not been able to find a description or photo that matches it, but that doesn’t mean anything as search engines these days try to be “smart” and in the process find stuff one is not interested in. .

        I like how it looks, and I’ve never seen one like that, so I was wondering. Thanks.

        • I think they might actually be the same and the second one is just open more and has lost more of the seed plume-y things. It’s hard to say, though. A casual glance at minnesotawildflowers.org reveals that there are about 10 thistles in Minnesota — Canada, field, bull, plumeless, nodding (hey, maybe that’s it? flower’s nodding!), tall, Flodman’s, swamp, hill’s, and Scotch. Would that I could tell you anything about them. 😦

          It does have a neat look about it though, doesn’t it? I will be more attentive as I go out to see if I see others with a similar look.

    • Thank you! Yes, I feel like when the garden’s not in session, ditch pictures account for a healthy majority of what’s left. It should perhaps be worked into a subtitle of the blog.

    • It’s nice to take a break from the thistles making me hysterically angry to be able to just enjoy their (quite lovely) appearance. Thank you!

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