The woods still exist

Between the heat and the mosquitoes, the woods have been so unappealing to visit, but the spot on our property overlooking them is a nice compromise. The bugs were nonexistent today, and no expedition gear had to be worn in order to reach the spot, so that was nice.

Ostrich fern

7 thoughts on “The woods still exist

  1. Nice set! Though it feels a bit like autumn and I am not ready for that yet. I think the floating leaf is my favourite, though it is a hard choice, it really does look like you tracked it with your lens as it fell in front of you – an assault from above..

    • Thank you! Much as I love fall, I’m not ready for it yet either. And as if to emphasize how autumnal things are becoming, it was quite windy here today and the elm blew a bunch of leaves into the yard. Will have some of those pics tonight.

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