August 15th

I’m not sure what kind of butterfly this is. I think it’s the same kind I saw yesterday over in this same corner of the garden (on the globe allium), so I guess they are fans of these flowers. I think the butterfly is some kind of skipper, anyway.

One of the rose suckers is blooming.

Chinese lantern

This is what is known in horticultural parlance as a “fluffy,” which is resting on — again, technical term — a leaf.


4 thoughts on “August 15th

  1. It’s a skipper–one of about a zillion slightly differing species. Way beyond my ability to identify, and I make it a point to photograph butterflies. You did a nice job of it–it’s not easy to get these things to hold still, unless they are way distracted by a member of the opposite sex. Then it seems a little like eavesdropping. I like the second photo best.

    • Thank you! I was surprised by these guys. They kept moving, but they stuck around by the globe allium, at least. They were a little bit less skittish than most of the other butterflies I’ve tried to photograph this year. I looked at the above list of butterflies that Disperser posted, and even that looks too intimidating to sort through, especially since I’m sure the differences will look minimal to my eyes.

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