A tale of two frogs

My dad found these two frogs this morning.

The first frog was hiding in the ajuga.

He let me pick him up. I guess he didn’t really have a choice about it.

Frog hindquarters look really uncomfortable.

He looks distinguished, doesn’t he.

What a pretty pattern he has.

I guess I was trying to get pictures from almost every conceivable view. Ah, if only I’d captured one from the chin up with the sky behind his head.

Here is the other little frog out on the patio today. He almost got stepped on several times because he was so small and he almost blended in with the pavement. I think the little orange webby bits of skin between his limbs is cool.

This picture was staged. The big frog was not impressed by my efforts to get them together for a little playdate. In fact, immediately after this picture was taken, the big frog ate the little frog.

Okay, that last thing didn’t happen.


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