August 18th: Flower Arranging with Sarah

Here is a post featuring gomphrenas, which I am going to go ahead and deem my favorite flower in the world at this moment.

Gomphrena is also known as globe amaranth, and it is under this name that most seed packets seemed to designate the highly sought-after (by me) flower. Just think. There I’d be, frantically pawing at the seed packets in the “G” section, bemoaning the lack of gomphrena, when probably just seconds before I’d scanned the words “Globe amaranth” and not recognized that the flower displayed on that packet was precisely the thing I was looking for. Pay attention, kids.

They were slow to get going where I sowed them. I sowed almost the entire packet in a little garden right next to the above-ground pool, and waited what seemed like all summer for them to appear to be doing anything. Then in the last month or so, the scant few individuals that did germinate all of a sudden took off like a rocket, and proceeded to fill in that entire corner. All my worries were forgotten. Then the flowering started. The packet contained multiple colors, so it was fun to see what color they were going to be. On that corner, I got the three colors you see in the above picture. (There are perhaps ten plants on that corner, but most of the rest are younger and smaller and lost somewhere under the canopy of their more mature counterparts.

Up until yesterday I’d nearly forgotten that almost the whole reason why I wanted to grow these things was to have cut flowers. Beautifully-textured, long-lasting, colorful, cut flowers. So, I cut some of them. And I dumped them all on the lawn.

I also gathered zinnias.

Somehow I find the undersides of them almost the most intriguing view. And the side view.

And then it turned out that I preferred the first arrangement I made, with goldenrod and Chinese lanterns. Very autumnal.

I love goldenrod. Good thing (maybe slightly too good a thing) that we have a never-ending supply in the backyard and in the ditches.

While all this was going on, the sun was going down and I thought I’d get some pictures. While it wasn’t exactly the most spectacular sunset, I thought it was still very lovely with its small smattering of clouds.

This was sort of an accident as I was trying to take pictures of silhouettes of dandelions and things against the sky.

A nice night.

The silly gomphrena/zinnia arrangement will have to wait for another post. And yes. You may not think it, but a flower arrangement can be silly. Especially if you subscribe to the Gumby school of flower arrangement.

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