August 20th

This Saturday, I went to the local farmers market and, inspired by the flower-growing vendors, had a sudden insatiable urge to arrange some flowers. I’m definitely a flower person. Not so much a flower arranging person. So I just threw some things together and somewhere, florists wept. I particularly liked my goldenrod/Chinese lantern bouquet.

But wait. What is that young upstart bouquet in the background?

The flowers are flagging at this point. But the dead-eyed fisherman vase instantly elevates any arrangement.

His soulless gaze draws in the viewer, regardless of perspective.

The bouquet looked a little better the other day.

But no less creepy.

And since we’re at it, here are some more pictures of the goldenrod/Chinese lantern arrangement from that day, in full daylight.

The lanterns are sooo vivid.

A glimpse of the morning glory through insect feeding damage

And a vivid flower it is:

Finally, here is the prettiest, proudest stalk of corn in the front yard right now:


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