August 28th

The last few days have been brassica-centric (Brassicaceae being the family of that most redolent group of vegetables, cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and many others). I’ve been admiring the kale and the purple cabbage out in the field in particular — the kale because the plants, having been periodically harvested, now look like funny little crinkly palm trees, and the cabbage because look at it, it’s pretty.

Here’s the little kale trees.

Here’s one of my Brussels sprouts plants back at home.

See how cool the castor oil plant is getting.

Pretty gomphrena being pretty

Pickling cucumber!

Leaf caught on globe allium. How autumnal it’s all getting.

The bee balm. Looks like it’s got mildew.

My lobelia is about to bloom!

I liked the pattern this weed made.

Here’s a daddy long legs on a deadish cucumber leaf.

Time for the cat brigade. One tom sleeps in the lawn mower cart.

Little kitten hiding by the side of the wash room.


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