Minnesota State Fair: parts 2 and 3

I made it to the State Fair three times this year, which is not excessive at all. The set of pictures from my first, briefest trip is here.

The Sky Ride

I miss it already.


9 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair: parts 2 and 3

  1. The doll looks almost as demented as Alice . . . and I liked the antler art, fine art though it was not.

    As for the marriage amendment . . . by opposite sex, do they mean antagonists? I would have thought you need complementary sex couples . . . opposite would be what? . . . couples who fight all the time? Maybe I misunderstand.

  2. Brilliant pictures – liked all of it, but curiously drawn to the vintage grain sacks! Laughed when I saw your comments about grammar on the pricing board. That really sets my teeth on edge too 🙂

    Keep taking pictures!

  3. I agree about the baby. I had to double-take. That doll would never be allowed inside my house. If so much as an eye popped out, that would be the stuff of nightmares! Great pics, Sarah. And it looks like fun.

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