Crab apple branches

One of my favorite things about fall is being able to discern the shapes of trees underneath all the newly-shed leaves. This tree, the crab apple in our front yard, lost most of the rest of its leaves over the course of one heavy rain we had recently. In general we were able to see a lot more of its architecture (so to speak) this summer, what with the drought-induced, premature leaf drop. But now its form is very apparent.

The days I’ve missed in this photo project represent an irretrievable deficit of kittens yawning, tidy arrays of vegetables, incredibly charismatic patches of pavement, etc. So what if I might post the same pictures every other day of the year. You may not care, but I do, because I didn’t capture the specific joy of a kitten yawning on top of a tidy array of vegetables on the pavement on September 17th. And for that I am a little sad. I’ll try to maintain this thing a little better once again.


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