Today I ate hearty.

The first picture is a chicken noodle soup that my mom and I made yesterday, which I revamped today. It was good yesterday but I thought it could be even better today if only I added some stunted loser-carrots from my own garden and some sweet potatoes from the farm. Indeed, I think it is better now.

Then I made cornbread — I’ve had a hankering for cornbread — and the reason the picture is so big relative to the others is to suggest its prominence in the meal. I really, really enjoyed those corn muffins.

Finally I mashed some butternut squash. It got a little bit dicey there for a while because I was to toss small pieces of squash in a mixture of butter, brown sugar, milk, and seasonings, but I must have had a bit much butter and milk, because it all began to burn terribly in the oven. I had to transfer the squash to a new tray sans all the excess liquid and everything went smoothly from there. The finished product was surprisingly better than the baby food it so resembled.


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