October 5th + some other totally random phone pictures from the last week or so.

Today my niece and I went walking around in the woods for a little while. The weather has recently taken a turn for the hellaciously cold, perhaps even winterish (the state got the first snow of the season up north, and there’s talk of flurries even for the southern part of the state). The wind has been blowing so hard the last couple of days, it sounds like there could be a full-on blizzard out there. But down in the woods, it was fairly protected.

Sadly, I waited too long to get good autumn pictures down in the woods, for the last two days’ wind took a lot of the leaves with them. But there are still some nice examples.

edit: I haven’t posted in a few days, but I have been taking pictures of the fascinating things that populate my days all the while. Here is the proof:

When I’m at the farmers’ market, I try to create the most alluring and beautiful pints of cherry tomatoes. The first day I did this one, it sold like hot cakes. I meant it to look like the German flag with the purple of what are actually black cherry tomatoes being close enough to actual black. Later I consulted an actual German flag and realized I’d gotten it wrong, but. You know. Close enough.

This week I harvested everything that was left in my garden, partly just to start cleaning up and partly because it’s going to freeze hard soon. This is the only purple carrot I got out of my late sowing.

Yesterday I encountered this pretty little salamander out on the dirt road near our house.

Oh. And here’s the margarita I sorely needed last Friday.


9 thoughts on “October 5th + some other totally random phone pictures from the last week or so.

  1. Nice colors.

    Until yesterday our two non-evergreen trees sported some nice red leaves. Hellacious winds last night, temperatures dipping in the 20’s, and the first snow of the season overnight (about a quarter inch) pretty much made short work of the leaves. A few managed to hang on, but they are a sorry bunch.

    More snow tomorrow. After the fires this summer I’m sort of ready for cooler weather, but it would have been nice to actually have a fall (may yet happen . . . my balance is not what it used to be).

    Just curious . . . be there paths in them woods, or do you blaze your own trail when you’re out walking them?

    • It’s a bummer to get an abbreviated version of fall. That’s sort of the case here, although I just heard a rumor that we might have some warmer weather again after this cold front moves through. We have ended up getting much nicer color than I was expecting this season, though.

      There are a few paths my dad made through the woods several years ago with the weed whipper. We go through there often enough that just the foot traffic keeps the growth down, although the handful of times I visited in the summer, it was awfully difficult to navigate down there, and I had this…hacking…thing (not a machete; I don’t know what it’s called) that I was using to try to fight back the nettles that were beginning to crowd in from the edges of the path, but to little effect. That said, we wander here and there and everywhere. (The area is small enough, too, that there is no danger of getting lost or anything; it’s just a slice of forest growing just on either side of our little river which cuts through largely uninterrupted farmland).

    • Thanks! And oops, I should clarify — the autumn pictures are from my camera and the “randoms” are from my phone. (Still decently crisp for a phone.)

  2. The colours in the trees around here are turning too, I love the change. A Salamander, wow, in France we have green lizards, iridescent. But very hard to get a picture as they are very quick and well hidden.


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