Phone photos on October 12th

I’ve been distracted lately.

I mean, look at these guys.

Wouldn’t you be, too?

In spite of the…”help”…provided by the cat crew pictured above, I have managed to help out with a couple late-season tasks on the farm. Mostly tomato-related. Here is what the two main rows of cherry tomatoes looked like by the time I left the farm today. Boy…there is nothing like wrestling with vines of rotten, freeze-damaged tomatoes.

‘Twas just a sea of tangles and squishiness.

A short while ago, they were lush and verdant:

The tomatoes around the middle of July (a before and after photo; it is probably not immediately apparent, but in the right photo I have secured some of the vines a little closer to the fence).

Unfortunately I have no intermediary photos to show just how unruly the vines became in the last month (and how this seemed to render unnecessary all the time I spent trying to tie them to the fence). I picked tomatoes for the last time a week ago today, before we got a massive freeze that killed the rest of them off. Now it is simply a matter of sorting through what’s left of the tomatoes as they ripen. The end of an era! I have chronicled this to annoying detail elsewhere, I’m sure, but I will mention again that my life the last month and a half seems to have consisted largely of picking, cleaning, and sorting tomatoes. While I have had just about enough of tomatoes this year, it is almost a little bittersweet. But I shall try to persevere.


4 thoughts on “Phone photos on October 12th

    • None of them; I’m planning on taking the most vulnerable little kitten who probably wouldn’t make it through the winter otherwise. (Partially how I’m justifying getting a kitten and not another adult cat. Plus, I’m hoping Maggie will be nice to a kitten. OR MAYBE SHE’LL EAT IT.)

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